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Hotel Imperial Heights Dharamshala Reviews

Hotel Imperial Heights Dharamshala KHANYARA Road, Reviews Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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Tripadvisor voyager rating: (focused around 10 surveys)

Surveys from Tripadvisor:

“Most noticeably awful encounter”

by Krishang05 on 2014-06-16t03:24:21-04:00 from Dharamsala, India

Client Rating : 1/5

We had weighed in the lodging with development booking and there was no room. The booking was carried out two months prior from our date of travel and development paid . Yet some how they organized the room. Presently the issue was the air conditioner’s in the room were not working so we were resting in an alternate room and our baggage wherein other room . Following 4 days we looked at for a night in other lodging affirming them that we might weigh in the one day from now. Again we were not given room . At last we cleared out the lodging. The room conditions were pitiful . The lavatory floor were brimming with earth and no high temp water. Just 4staff were in the lodging. The bunk were not laid appropriately .

“stay in lap of nature”

by Sahil K on 2014-05-26t06:15:19-04:00 from

Client Rating : 5/5

I stayed in this resort a month ago for 3 nights, I have never been to any property with such a marvelous area, it has an immaculate perspective of dhauladhar reaches with a lovely stream streaming before it..moreover the rooms are extensive, agreeable and delightfully improved. Lodging manager Mr.rana and staff is truly courteous…overall a magnificent stay..most proposed resort in Dharamsala.

“Four Days of Stay”

by Dingy2012 on 2013-04-09t03:18:13-04:00 from New Delhi, India

Client Rating : 4/5

After urgently searching for a sensible and clean place, we arrived at this resort when it had gotten dim. Area is far from the touristic spots, yet that didn’t influence us as we had determined in our auto. The property is colossal stopping was never an issue, nourishment is truly extraordinary and we were constantly nourished new and hot arrangements. The cons- the property needs great support and likewise the deficiency of attachment focuses in the room was felt.

“return visit”

by vivek69 on 2012-11-10t04:56:53-05:00 from kolkata

Client Rating : 5/5

well i returned over in the wake of going to in oct 2010. I thought that it was sublime then and now they have included indoor recreations like table tennis, carrom also alongside espresso machines and ice chest in the rooms which makes it a twofold joy. I feel completely at home and need to return over and over. Presumably the main spot where I have gone twice. Just weakness is that it is a bit far from primary Dharamshala yet the peace is worth the trouble.

“Extraordinary remain!”

by ayushavengers on 2012-06-24t00:09:53-04:00 from Kolkata

Client Rating : 5/5

I can’t overlook the stay I had there! It was so hopefully sublime. We, came a group of 4, and Mr.vinay, the chief invited us with joy. My relatives had as of now went there and proposed us to go there. The commends they were making weren’t sufficient, it was superior to that. In spite of the fact that when they were there, there was no spot for indoor gaming, yet when we came, it was all there! Table Tennis and Carom are in great condition. The cleaniness is great and the staff is agreeable. The sustenance is not up to the imprint however I accept they will enhance it soon. The area is path a long way from Dharamsala, making it hard to go to the Mcleodgunj and different spots, however other than that, all is well. The perspective from window was lovely, particularly when its raining! The power is additionally not up to the imprint, I know sparing vitality is great, however numerous a times there’s no power yet appreciatively there’s generator .I propose individuals to go this lodging on the off chance that you need cleanliness, indoor gaming and nourishment.




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